With advancing age, sagging of the skin on the forehead can develop, resulting in drooping eyebrows that sit lower than they would normally. This creates the impression that a person looks older than they actually are. Opting for a forehead/brow lift, will achieve a youthful and fresh looking face.

stirn brauen lift


As a result of your personal consultation, an open or closed approach is chosen for the forehead/brow lift procedure. During the closed forehead lift procedure (keyhole surgery), the incisions and resulting scars, are finer and hidden within the hairline. Using a camera and delicate instruments, the tightening is performed beneath the skin. Ideally, the residual scar can be hidden more effectively if the hairline is not too high and the patient has thicker hair.

In certain cases, the open technique is recommended for anatomical reasons. This procedure may leave more scars, however it has the advantage of producing reliable and stable results. In extreme cases, a direct brow lift is suggested. This involves the removal of a strip of skin, with the incision being hidden as inconspicuously as possible within the hairline.

Praxisklinik Urania advises against the minimally invasive suture lift, whereby bioresorbable or permanent sutures are used to smooth the facial skin. This is because the sutures underneath the skin often cause discomfort, and this procedure frequently fails to achieve the desired outcome.

Apart from general health requirements, the prerequisites for a successful operation include that the patient stop smoking at least two weeks prior to surgery. In addition, the patient should be psychologically stable and living in a healthy social environment to ensure that he/she is well supported after the operation and able to cope with potential complications


Surgery is usually performed under general anaesthesia. In special cases, surgery may be performed under sedation for medical reasons, regardless of the technique used. The procedure may be performed as an out-patient treatment. Eight to ten days after the operation, the sutures will be removed and after two weeks, the patient can resume their normal social life. Over the subsequent four to six weeks, caution should be exercised with sporting activities.


A forehead lift should not be trivialised. There is a risk of injury to various facial nerves during the procedure by inexperienced surgeons. This could result in temporary or permanent paralysis and sensory loss in the facial areas supplied by these nerves.