Sweating is a vital function of the human body. We have millions of sweat glands that cool the body. However, about one to two percent of people suffer from hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is a disorder whereby the body produces excessive amounts of sweat regardless of whether it is hot or cold. In cases of excessive sweating from the armpits, the removal of axillary sweat glands by means of suction should be considered.

uebermaessiges schwitzen


The classic sweat gland suction technique injects water into the tissue similar to liposuction. Via two small incisions into the armpits, the sweat glands can then be removed via suction. At Praxisklinik Urania we use the latest LipoLaser technology to prevent the regeneration of residual sweat glands. With the assistance of a laser beam, the sweat glands are eliminated and removed via suction.

An alternative non-surgical procedure offered is the injection of botulinum toxin (Botox). With this technique, a paralysis of the sweat gland is achieved. This effect lasts for six to eight months. It is recommended for places where sweat gland suction is not feasible, for example the feet and hands.


The LipoLaser sweat gland removal procedure takes forty-five minutes and generally is performed under local anaesthesia.


Sweat gland suction is a low-risk procedure. In some cases, infection or skin necrosis may develop. Compensatory increases in sweat formation of other areas in the body rarely occurs.