Many patients experience chronic musculoskeletal pain that is not responsive to medication or physical therapy.

With musculoskeletal pain, it is often not the bone or cartilage that triggers the pain, but rather tendinopathies and myofascial structures. Tendinopathies are painful changes in the attachments of muscles to tendons at the joint. What causes pain each time the joint is moved is therefore not primarily a change in the joint itself, such as osteoarthritis or calcifications, but rather the hardened muscle-tendon attachments. Myofascial structures are the surrounding muscles and their fascia (connective tissues), which are in a state of excessive tension.

This situation leads to the aforementioned sensation of pain and limits us in our daily lives, sometimes considerably.

Shockwave therapy mobilizes the body's own healing powers through tissue stimulation. The shock waves are applied to the affected structures with ultrasound guidance and with pinpoint accuracy.

Osteopressure (specific pressure on the area of pain) causes the fascia and muscles surrounding the affected area to stretch and release.

By combining these two procedures, pain can be reduced without invasive treatment or medication.